Dr Robert Muller - Research Fellow, Education Consultant, Thesis Editor/Guide

Researching information disorder, grey zone conflict, societal resilience, social cohesion, modern deterrence, community resilience, and disaster resilience. Also, offering specialist services in thesis and assignment guidance and editing.

About me

Image taken by Dr Robert Muller

Everything I have been and all the experiences I have had have resulted in a 29 year academic career and a 12 year business life. These experiences have included gaining a deep understanding of what makes people tick through my research and work in sociology, criminology, public health and professional development.


Since graduating with a PhD in Sociology from Flinders University in 2005, and working in the academic sector from 1993 till 2010, I have established a thriving business as an academic editor and as a member of the South Australian Society of Editors. To date, I have collaborated with more than 300 postgraduate students and academics across multiple disciplines, including in sociology, public health, nursing, politics, business, cultural studies, public policy, and history, among others.


I remain active in research and am currently employed as a Research Fellow at the Torrens Resilience Initiative at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. My most recent completed projects have been on modern deterrence, and the effects of misinformation on social cohesion. My current project is on community resilience in drought-affected regions. 


I am also currently working on a long-term project in a private capacity on democratic resilience; in other words, strengthening the resilience of democracies to existential threats. The program will encompass a full research plan to seek funding from relevant major national agencies, and will also deliver courses in enhancing social cohesion and societal resilience; deterring grey zone influence and interference; civics education; countering disinformation; whole-of-society approaches to existential threats; and more. I invite you to discuss these issues with me if you have experience in these areas. 


Here are a couple of examples of my research publications:

Lived-Experience of Women’s Well-Being in the Cyclone Shelters of Coastal Bangladesh

Additive and subtractive resilience strategies as enablers of biographical reinvention: A qualitative study of ex-smokers and never-smokers

Understanding the experiences of women in disasters: lessons for emergency management planning


Overall, my academic teaching and research expertise is wide-ranging, encompassing the following elements:

Information Disorder (misinformation and disinformation)

Societal Resilience and Social Cohesion

Disaster Resilience

Maintaining the Resilience of Democracies

Modern Deterrence

Resilience and Mental Health


Enlightenment Values and History

Surveillance and Security

Neoliberalism and Globalisation

Gambling and Online Gaming

Sociology and Psychology of Health

Health Promotion



Sociology of Consumerism